tirsdag 4. august 2009

End of holiday, but still its holiday in my heart

Its August and I'm back at work
and I my mind is drifting
to a picnic in a park

and a walk on a beach
While I sit in my office
My oregano is wild and flowering
In my freezer

There is boxes of cherry goodness
for many winter desserts to be made When the weekend comes once more
I'll be making cheesy scones yet another time
to my dearest, just because he loves them

There will be no leftovers for lunch

3 kommentarer:

monica sa...

de små gledene i livet teller - gode minner og god mat!

doggybloggy sa...

nice picnic - I see a cheese that looks familiar - and those scones - I dont think you make enough!

Marjie sa...

Holidays in your heart make the days happier! Great pictures, especially of the beach!