søndag 23. august 2009

Weekend grub

Yorkshire puddings is always a hit in our house
Today, for the first time, I made enough.
12x3=36 pieces)
Little Chef had his with strawberry jam as usual,
the rest of us had them with gravy and all the trimmings.
Since I am a mum of two teenagers
I seem to always be on stand by
in case someone needs a ride somewhere
or needs to be picked up somewhere.
I don't like to have them walking in the streets after dark
.Therefor, there hasn't been much wine drinking lately.
Today I gave my husband the car keys
and granted myself a glass of wine!

Yorkshires and wine, very sofisticated!

2 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

I have never made a yorkshire pudding - I know it is somewhat similar to a popover - an eggy batter right? I need to try these...and yes - very sophisticated!

Marjie sa...

You deserve a day off!