lørdag 16. mai 2009

Away away!

Last September I brought a Greek tomato home from holiday.
I dried some seeds from it, and hid them.
A couple of weeks ago, I planted them, and every seed came up!
After a while it gets too crowdy!
More space is ready with fresh soil

While the tomatoes are getting settled:
"We are going on a
Summer holiday
No more working for a week or two!"
It may not be all summer yet, but we're still going! For a week to Greece!

You might probably know that I love Greece!

I will report later, of course I'm taking my camera!

4 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

how cool for you going to greece - and wow those tomatoes sure popped up nice - I hope the chile will do the same...have a fun, fun time!

Marjie sa...

Have a wonderful trip! I hope someone takes care of your tomatoes for you!

buffalodick sa...

Have a great vacation- I'd love to see that place someday!

Marina sa...

"I'm in love with a fairytale, even though it hurts..."...Congratulations!!!Norway is the winner! Alexander Rybak was great last night and his song was different from the others. So he deserved to win! As for OUR SAKIS we love him here in Greece! He is a great pop star and perfomer but many of us didn't really like his song! If you visit youtube you can see him singing some better songs.
You're full of surprises! I didn't know that you're a gardener too! You can buy some seeds of every vegetable you like and plant them in your land. Green plants that we use to give food a special taste are interesting, like basil, mint, parsley and dill. When they're fresh they make food even better. I've planted myself some of these in my garden too!
I'm really happy I have a friend from so far who loves my country so much!:) My invitation is still in forse: although we are in an examination period, my children and my hubby, (and me just as a helper) I would be very happy to meet you!
I wish you have a great time here in Greece! Enjoy the weather and the sea!