onsdag 21. oktober 2009


Almost a year ago
I recieved a packet og Candy from my friend Le Chien
In New York
The candy was the type I like
It was chile
grown in New Mexico
It has given so much warmth, color
and taste
through the year
There was also seeds
which I planted in our scandinavian soil The summer was rainy and wet
But I took care of my plants the best that I could
I waited and waited
and suddenly one plant started to flower.
After a while I saw to my excitement
that a chile baby was on it's way!
It grew bigger and bigger and finally when the plant started to get tired
the red color appeared

I'm so proud! My first Chile baby

From so far away!

I wonder if it will taste differently than it's origin!

lørdag 17. oktober 2009

Different days

Early morning preperations:
Two different kinds of pancake batter
with and without lactose
and a couple of packets of dried tomato soup
An easy and popular dinner on a thursday in october

messages to the one who's gonna cook itAnd then its' Saturday
More time to cook and enjoy
less order

mandag 12. oktober 2009

Piece of cake

It's a piece of cake
and with the smell of
ginger, allspice and cinnamon
It's almost like Christmas!

Make me a cup of coffee, Love
And I'll bring the cake!

Crust on the outside
soft on the inside

It was a peace of cake!
No mardiness follow a serving like this

Edit: Of course you can have some butter on yours Le Chien!

torsdag 8. oktober 2009


I've found out that:
The first solide and edible piece of chocolate was made by J S Fry in 1847
The seventh asteroid discovered was 7 Iris, discovered in 1847
Thomas Alva Edison(the inventor of the lightbulb amongst other splendid devices) was born in 1847
The first postal stamp was issued in the United Stated in 1847
The Vegetarian Society was formed in The UK in 1847

And last but not least

Our house was built in 1847
It's not a posh house but
What an old distinguished home we have!

mandag 5. oktober 2009


Pytt i Panne
or you would probably call it hash
drop an egg on top of it
and you are all set.
Or if you are in the mood for something Pink:

Have some lovely pink prawns

crush a bit of lemon over it, and some mayonnaise.

fredag 2. oktober 2009

Pear Factor

I have a big bag of juicy pears
even if I eat a couple every day
The bag seems to stay full.
We're on a pie wave
so why not make a pear pie!

It worked very well!
And you know, in this house we never say no
to a dessert!