søndag 15. august 2010

National park and sunshine

We love to have a walk in
our little national park
it has seceral mounds and cairns

and lots of space
by the fjord

It is one of my favourite places!

But what's happening here?
Our little dog loves to rest in the sunshine
she seeks the light, on the floor
on a chair, in the sofa...
but tables?
This is not allowed!
She knows, hence the slightly guilty look
(which is hard to see because the blackness)

3 kommentarer:

monica sa...

oh yes, been there too.... a lifetime ago! niiiice!

Marjie sa...

There's a state park not far from here which has a nice big lake. It has a feel similar to yours!

Good thing Thor doesn't think he can imitate Dinky and sit on the table!

Marina sa...

How relaxing is that! Nature gives everything to us. Do we give anyhting to it?