søndag 8. august 2010

Chile and cinnamon

The 2 th generation chile
is growing in my garden
last years summer was cold and rainy
and I had to keep my plants indoors most of the summer.
It was autumn when I spotted the first chile babies
This year, the weather is better, and my plants are in the garden,
And by the look of it, getting enough warmth to grow their first
chile baby I got the first seeds two years ago sent to me
from my friend in NY
then I took seeds from last years chile
and planted them this spring,
hence 2th generation chile, grown in Norway.

Last week we went on holiday to Sweden.
We had such a relaxing week, everyone was on track
and the weather was lovely.
The swedish eggs was terrible,
but the cinnamon rolls was just heaven
I got inspired, and made a batch today
Now the house smells
cinnamon heaven!
I've had a quiet and relaxing Sunday today.
Husband and kids
finds it very entertaining to get scared to death
in rollercoasters etc
They've spent all day enjoying themselves in an amusement park
I have no near death wish,
I baked them som lunch to bring
Sent them off
And enjoyed the peace, baking and reading
and finally seeing the film
Which I enjoyed very much!

6 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

how very cool - 2nd generation Nor-mexican chile...what is that crescent roll - I want one of those for lunch followed by a couple of the cinnamon buns....

Anette sa...

Le Chien: Oh is that what you call it, I didn't know what they're called. In Norway we call it: Horn, as in horn you know.. (on a ex. goats head, because of the shape) I put tomatosauce, sausage, cheese and oregano inside. Good lunch for the rollercoasters you know!

monica sa...

ah - you had my kind of Sunday :o)

did you see my greeting to you on my blog?

Marjie sa...

Nor-Mex chile peppers, is that what they officially are? I think Dog would know. I loved Julie & Julia, and even my dearly beloved had to admit he sorta liked it.

Anette sa...

Monica: Å min kjære sjelsfrende, det hadde jeg jo ikke sett! I love you too!

Marjie: Nor-Mex Chile is the special chiles which have travelled over the Atlantics, from friend to friend. I should send you some seeds too!

Marina sa...

They look delicious!!! They're like a pizza in a bread!!! Yummy one way or another!!!