søndag 12. desember 2010

Home away from home

We've been off on a little trip to England again
and once more have we stayed at our favourite place
The atmosphere is so personal, warm and welcoming
Our room was cosy, the bed big and comfortable At Wentworth Garden Centre, they make
The best scones there is!
This time, there was winter and snow in England!
Luckily the airports, roads, schools, shops, pubs
had reopened, after days of snowy chaos.
I had to take a photo of the snowy fields,
thats something I've rarely seen in England!

The Wentworth village looked like an English postcard!

7 kommentarer:

Marina sa...

Great shots!!! That was the picture out here a few days ago. Thank God for the Christmas travellers everything is clean and clear now!!!

Tamara Jansen sa...

That is just an AMAZING place to go! Have a great time :)

Rebecka sa...

I love the pic of the icicles on your blog!! I'm so happy you had such a nice time away. (:

Gina Cuff sa...

Thanks for sharing, Anette! Sounds like a little bit of heaven! And the photos are lovely! :)


monica sa...

that scone !!
innbegrepet på kos og engelsk idyll!

Marjie sa...

That inn is so pretty, and the village does look like a picture postcard! Is Wentworth the village from which your husband hails, or just a favorite vacation spot?

Marina sa...

I'll continue writing in English cause I don't want to lose my foreign friends! I just need to use my own language too, to feel closer to my country! Thanks for the understanding...