fredag 31. desember 2010

An old year says goodbye

It's the last day of a year
and of a decade
I'm summing up
thinking about the friends we found,
the loved ones we lost
the good things that happened
the walls we climbed
the laughs we had
The changes that came
the songs we sang
the battles we fought
the beauty we saw
and the love we felt
This is what I do every year
And when the first day of the New Year awakes
It's time to be ready
Life is, after all, like a box of chocolate
You never know what you're gonna get!
Happy New Year!

2 kommentarer:

Marina sa...

Happy New Year dear Anette!!! This must be your best post...I wish a better year for you and your family, for my family and me, for...all the world!!!

monica sa...

happy new year darling - may the new year and decade be even better than the last one...