lørdag 4. desember 2010

Playing the potato mandoline, and shrinking some spinach

If you meet the Norwegian Mr Potato head with his hat
You'll know that his mandoline isn't far away!
Done in a few seconds

Fingers still in one piece
Thanks Christo, what a useful gadget!

I do like some spinach every now and then.
Have you seen the volume of these leaves!

Ater a little steaming, it looks a bit smaller
and reminds me of something found in the water,
under a bridge

The taste is lovely!

Served with salmon, gratinated creamy potatoes, and broccoli

5 kommentarer:

Gina Cuff sa...

Yummy! Happy weekend to you too! :)

doggybloggy sa...

that is a useful gadget - potatoes, carrots and cucumbers need to watch out now....

monica sa...

the hat sure seems useful... we use it fearing for our fingertips every time....

Marina sa...

A super dish, of a top sef...!

Marjie sa...

It looks like a great dinner! I use my food processor to slice potatoes, because I slice 5 pounds at a time!