torsdag 25. desember 2008


Pinnekjøtt comes from the west coast of Norway,
and is salted or smoked lamb or mutton ribs, which are then dried.
They must be soaked fist in water for 1-2 days before cooked,
to regain their meaty consistency and make a milder flavor.
They are usually steamed over a rack of birch twigs,
hence the name "pinnekjøtt" which means literally "stick-meat".
It can be strong or mild, depending on the production,
but generally can remind one of ham or bacon.
Since it is steamed for several hours,
it become extremely tender, falling off the bone.

after steamed for three hours a couple of moments under the grill

We use little yellow potatoes called mandelpoteter (almond potatoes)
and mash made of swede and carrot

5 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

wow that lamb looks so good....I want to taste your food so bad....

Marjie sa...

These were 2 delightful dinners, Annette. Glad it was a Merry Christmas!

buffalodick sa...

Never heard of lamb/mutton that way- sounds good! We're starting to see a small yellow potato around here, but they're calling them "baby Yukon golds"...

marina sa...

Your Christmas table was beautiful and colorfull! The food was great too!I hope you had a good time!

Anette sa...

Le Chien: I think it was the most tender meat I've tasted in a long time. slow-slow cooking you know! Wish you could have come over for a taste, it was enough for more people!

Marjie: We're well fed now I promise! and it was a Merry Christmas at our house!

Buffalodick: I think meat made like that is a Norwegian speciality. Maybe it's the same type of potato? We'll have to google it I think!

Marina: Red color is a very common christmas color in Norway, together with green and white. We've had a lovely time, and still do. the kids are off until 5th of January.