tirsdag 19. august 2008


I love plain cabbage.
At this time of year it's ever so crispy and sweet when you eat it ram.
But its lovely when you boil it too!
My dinner:
fihcake, potato, carrot and cabbage.
an basil, my friend, I'll have it with almost anything!

6 kommentarer:

Webradio sa...

Bonjour !
Très bonne nourriture les légumes...

Maria sa...

I get hungry when I see your meal!
Looks sooooooooo good!
Thanks for coming over to my blog and standing the crazy photoshop works of art my niece produced last night;)
I see that you have a doggy, too. Sweet!
Have a nice week, regards, Maria

Jonah K. Haslap sa...

I think the taste for cabbage might be lost in translation between Norway and the States, but I like your enthusiasm!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, come back soon :)

doggybloggy sa...

I like cabbage....I like it grated raw and made into a slaw or sauerkraut mostly....

Anette sa...

webradio: bien sur! C'est un legume tres sain.. (pardon my french if it's rusty I'm trying to remember)

Maria: Same to you, Liked your blog!

Jonah: I know it can seem a bit boring, but sometimes simplisity is the best. Try to grate it and mix with sour cream. My grandma made that a lot and I loved it! I'll come visiting again, promise.

Le Chien: I do too! And like nowadays, with the sweetness. I munch it raw!

Webradio sa...

C'est bien de reparler français... We can speak english...