mandag 4. august 2008

All grown up now

Yesterday it was my birthday.
Usually I say it as the donkey Eyore does:
What is a birthday, here today, gone tomorrow.

But yesterday was actually a really good birthday!
I had my family around for cake.
I felt loved and appreciated.
I got presents which showed that they knew me,
and what I like.
Like the bracelet with a heart on,
the brick of a book,
the massive teacup
the bucket barberque,
the music,
and the 2 x 8 GB storage for my PC and my camera.
(nerd's heaven)

But the most lovely thing was that they were all there to celebrate with me.
I felt so rich and lucky, it was overwhelming!

So the 40 crisis I'm planning...
I'll do it another day!

Now I'm just enjoying it!

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doggybloggy sa...


VE sa...

Happy B-Day! Now just enjoy everyday like that...

monica sa...


Anette sa...

Le Chien, Ve and Monica: Thanks!
Life is good!

Carla sa...

Well, if you're profile picture is to be trusted, you don't look anywhere near 40. Happy birthday, enjoy.

Simen sa...

Happy birthday dear cousin

Anette sa...

Carla and Simen: Thanks!

Robin sa...

Happy Belated Birthday, Girl. Isn't it great when you feel especially loved on that particular day?

Anette sa...

Robin: Yes! I've never been so much for birth days after I grew up, but this one was really great! Not to much, but still enough, just as I like it!

HAR sa...

Happy Birthday. What a sweet post. It does sound as if you had a lovely day. Good for you and welcome to the club!40 that is. Although I've been in the club for two years now.