torsdag 21. august 2008

More cabbage and some lentils

Like I said:
the sweetness of it!
Add some quark
mix it
Red lentils
Boil with salt, pepper, leek and sellery
Lemon pepper and chili on top, bake in oven
add the tomatoes the last minutes

Thats my dinner

That was some good grub!

8 kommentarer:

Jeff sa...

Oh my. This whole page of posts looks delicious!!! I'm going to make those cinnamon rolls this weekend. Yum!

But I have one question... What is quark?

Anette sa...

jeff: I've made you a link on the quark. Its quite similar to sour cream. Good luck with the cinnamin rolls!

VE sa...

I'll be right over. Is that fish personally caught?

Anette sa...

Ve: of course! straight from the freezer in the grocery store!

ayamlin sa...

Hello Anette!
Thank you for your nice comment on my blog:)
I really like your blog.
I like cooking, too:)
So I'm interested in your cooking:)
I wanna get along with you:)

marina sa...

Hi Anette! I met you through Ayamlin's blog. I like cooking too. I'm going to post a recipe for a Greek pizza in a few days.
And...I have a question to make:What is krakilette? Is it a city in your country?

Anette sa...

Ayamlin: Welcome! Nice to get friends around the world! Your cooking looks very good!

Marina: I'll check your blog for the Greek Pizza! Krakilette is just a word I made up for my blog, quite unique, I realized when I googled it! "krakilsk" means kind of "wild" and I just thought, This is "wild-Anette" speaking (I'm quite the opposite..)

doggybloggy sa...

I cant keep up with all the goodness over here.....