lørdag 30. august 2008

Its all Greek to me!

I'm such a lucky girl!

I'm packing my shorts and bikini
My books and my suncream
and my beloved sister is doing the same.
No husband, no kids
just the two of us
blue sea, warm sun, good talks, good food, good drinks
Its spa for our souls

Lovely Greek island, here we come!

4 kommentarer:

ayamlin sa...

I'm jealous of you!!!!
I wanna go to Greek, too!
when did you go there?
what a beautiful white building!
how long does it take from your country to Greek?
Food is also good in Greek?
I wanna see more pictures!!

Anette sa...

The photos are from Rhodos last year. But tomorrow I'm going to Skiathos, an other Greek island! I think it is about 3,5 hours by plane to go there. And the Food is lovely in Greece!

marina sa...

So Anette you're coming here!You're very lucky you're going on vacation this time of the year...All islands are beautiful, you'll have a great time!!! BUT...take the weather forecast first because it's raining here and you need to know what kind of clothes to put in your suitcase.Have a nice time in Skiathos:) It's a wonderful island!!!

Anette sa...

Marina: So I'm here now! Enjoying your beaitiful country!