søndag 27. april 2008


I have a slight problem with expressing anger
Its not that I never get angry
Maybe it doesn’t happen so often
But it does happen.

Most of the times
When I get angry
I still remain quite rational
This can
(for me and sometimes for others)
be very annoying..
But of course it’s also a good thing
Since it let’s me keep a
Reasonably clear head

The other day I got very angry!
I kept my head reasonably clear
Said what I wanted to say,
Or parts of it
I was absolutely boiling inside!
I wanted to roar.
I didn’t of course

but it feels good to tell you

And that’s all I’m going to say about that

(Like my friend Forrest)

5 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

good enough....its a beginningrqmtd

Jocelyn sa...

I'm with you. I've avoided anger to the point that sometimes I haven't realized I'm entitled to it.

I'm working on getting better at that. Good for you!

VE sa...

That person you were angry with...I hope they're not in that fire...

Yes, my name is Arizona sa...

I love this. The photo speaks a thousand words.

Anette sa...

Le Chien: It's strange with beginnings like that.. it makes you want more!

Jocelyn: I'm working on that matter to! Good luck to both of us, we sure deserve a blow out every now and then!

Ve: as the kind person I am I wouldn't want them in the fire, maybe just a bit to close?

Arizona: You recognized both the feeling and the symbol of the fire, maybe you've been there too?