lørdag 5. april 2008

Laundry on the line

When white curtains are drying on a line
for the first time in months
slowly moving in the gentle wind
the leek is young
and the rhubarb just a baby
Then I feel the smell of everything waking up
and inside me the biggest Joy fills me up
Again my dearest beautiful spring is here!
I'll go outside now,
bury my nose in the dry laundry
and sniff like a mad!
That smell has a direct line to the happy-center of my brain!
*slightly euforicly spoken*
Coming over for a cup of tea in my garden?

4 kommentarer:

VE sa...

Hey, that looks like blue sky in the background. I recognize it from OTHER places than here. Welcome to spring!

doggybloggy sa...

that laundry smell is the best..

Anette sa...

ve: thanks! I love me some blue sky!

le Chien: Yes it is the best, if I have freshly dried sheets in my bed, then oh heaven!

Blogger sa...

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