søndag 27. april 2008

Cheese scones

Sunday breakfast
and we wanted som fresh scones
So quickly done
Yes, thats what I was thinking about!
Lets sit down and eat!

3 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

it all looks so perfect....I spoke with a guy yesterday in a little mexican grocery store here in NYC who was from Norway and he was buying dried chile to take back because he said his country is afraid of flavors...I had to laugh.

Anette sa...

Le Chien: cheeky guy! You've read my blog, you know I love my flavours! But of course, the Norwegian diet is a bit milder than the mexican! Some Norwegians love their meatballs with gravy and potatoes for dinner, and are still scared of garlic. But the world of flavours has come to our corner of the world too!

doggybloggy sa...

I love that you call me Le Chien...by the way....