tirsdag 8. april 2008

Getting curious

A couple of months ago, when I was new at blogging
I was sniffing around,
reading blogs here and there
I added some of my favourites to "My favourites" on my computer
so I could visit them again.
I never left any comments yet,
because I was a bit shy
but one day when I opened one of these blogs
I saw my little Norwegian hometown's name and crest
and the blogger was sending me,
the mysterious reader from Norway,
a special message.
Apparently she was a bit worried,
but curious,
and wanted me to step forward and reveal myself.
I was so surprised!
Of course I left her a comment
to reassure her.
So now I do the same:
I'm getting curious about who's visiting me from UK
Hello Thatcham!
This is for you.

5 kommentarer:

VE sa...

Probably that Branson guy or perhaps it's one of the Monty Python crew...

Greg C sa...

You should get one of the counters that lets you know who visits your blog. They are great. I have one.

Anette sa...

ve: I'd say its Mr. Bean!

greg c: sounds interesting! how do I get one of those?

doggybloggy sa...

google "sitemeter" and see what you get...

Anette sa...

Le chien: I'll check that out! And Yes, I have two kids, one daughter and one son, a husband and well, the animals, you've met all of them!