søndag 27. april 2008

Soon to be crises

Now when I’m approaching 40

I’m thinking
Will I go through a crisis?
I like to think I have some kind of control
So at the moment
I’m planning
The new 40 year old me

The one who says what she means
With just a little bit less
in whether others might be
disappointed, angry or frustrated.

The 40 year old me
Who listens a bit closer
To the voice inside
Telling her about
how she feels about things.

This is how impulsive I am
Planning my own crisis

If I let this new
40 year old loose
I might get surprised
Cause I’ve discovered
When I act
Others act
So if I change my actions
Their’s will change too

I don’t know what will happen
A 40 years crisis is the best excuse ever
to do the changes I've been wishing for
but never dared
I can always blame the crisis
Already I'm starting to like the 40 year old me

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