søndag 13. april 2008

Good feeding

Yesterday I got some peace and quiet time (quality time) in the kitchen.
I love that.
Since I became a grown up
full time working mum and wife
I've not really had any hobbies of my own
But when I think about it
this is my hobby
and it's not a selfish one
so I will always get support from my loved ones
They are always ready for a treat!
So the result yesterday was
prawns, avocado, lettuce, dill and quark
Squash with thick mince meat sauce, gratinated with cheese
baked new potatoes, champignons, tomatoes and lettuce and ruccola

apple crumble and whipped cream
Well fed!

Good thing we had our belts off!

7 kommentarer:

Robin sa...

Yum..... What is quark?

doggybloggy sa...

what a nice feast!

Anette sa...

robin: its a bit like sour cream, but not the same. google it, its quite nice!

Le Chien: Yes it really was! the baked new potatoes were one of the highlights!

Jocelyn sa...

Because I grew up in a land-locked area, I have an aversion to seafood, but your cooking makes even prawns look good!

VE sa...

I gotta stop reading your blog before dinner time.

Anette sa...

Jocelyn: I'm a chicken to when it comes to "advanced" seafood(advancedfor me = lobster, crab, mussels, all those shell"-things") but I do like most fish (except the scary gravlax that doggy blogged about and raw fish)

Ve: Thanks! feel free to use it as an apetizer any time!

TavoLini sa...

Looks delicious! I'm on a prawn kick as well :)