onsdag 16. april 2008


My eleven year old son didnt feel well this morning
he had a head ache and felt sick
so he stayed home from school today.
When I came home from work
he felt much better
he had done his homework
and made these lovely waffles!
So after dinner today we had waffles and coffee
in the garden.
Dinkie Doodle enjoyed it too
She was exhausted after having barked at something
mysterious in the the old shed
we suspect its the sweet hedgehog living in our garden....
Bet he didnt appreciate that noisy wakeup call
after the winter!

6 kommentarer:

Jeff sa...

Those waffles look yummy! But you had them AFTER dinner? I would have had them FOR dinner ;-)

VE sa...

I've got to find a way to get my kids to do their homework and make waffles...sick or not!

Anette sa...

jeff: sure! as a dessert you know! with strawberry jam on, and with the sun in my face. A wednesday afternoon could hardly get better!

ve: well, he loves cooking, but he hates his homework! I long for the day when homework is not on the menue!

Anne sa...

Sitte UTE og spise ... ! Det gleder jeg meg til:)
Hvordan går det med Sysselmannsfruen?

Anette sa...

anne: jo nå er jeg ferdig! syns boka var fin, men skjønte nesten at hun ikke ville komme til å holde ut for alltid!

doggybloggy sa...

wow your son made the waffles? I need my boy to learn stuff like that