tirsdag 2. september 2008

Relaxing time

I'm in lovely Greece, Skiathos, with my beloved sister.
This is the good life, with beautiful sea, blue sky, tasty food and a
interesting place indeed!

Just blogging from a slightly worn down internet cafe
with young boys playing games, smoking and talking greek.

In a minute, we'll find ourselves a nice place to eat
an I might have Kleftiko, my favourite.
(as I had last night too)
Different restaurant, different Kleftiko I have experienced.
Or I'll try something else...

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doggybloggy sa...

"stolen meat" I had to google it...I love the name of this dish and whats interesting is that in english a kleptomanic is someone who has a problem stealing too much..

monica sa...

sounds wonderful .. enjoy!!
'cause you're worth it!! :o)

marina sa...

It's time to explain to everybody what "kleftiko" is!
In 1821, when Greeks were enslaved by the Turkes, they roasted meat in holes in the ground so that the Turkes couldn't see a fire burning. How? Simply they dug the hole in the ground, set a fire in it, converted the woods into coals, put the meat on them and cover it with soil. They are known as "kleftes" and their meat as "kleftiko".

PS:Congratulations!!!You have won an award from me!Look at my blog for more details!

antigoni sa...

I hope you enjoy every ninute of your staying. You sure need some relaxing time before winter comes. I know we all need.

Jeff sa...

Jealous here!

Hope you're having an awesome time :-)