søndag 21. september 2008

New salad

In the paper one day, I saw a new reciepe:
This is it
Roasted pine nuts
Snack red pepper
(I added that cause it's so sweet and nice)

Feta cheese
And fresh basil leaves, plenty of it.

That was an tasty, unusual, and very refreshing salad!

5 kommentarer:

marina sa...

I wish you have your greek tomatoes next year, otherwise I'll sent you some seeds;)

doggybloggy sa...

what a great idea for a salad...I am going to have to try this

antigoni sa...

It must be very tasty. I'll make it myself when i get the time.

VE sa...

Does any one ingredient dominate it? Interesting...

Anette sa...

marina: They will probably be smaller and not so sweet, since the climate is different. but I'll try it, it I manage to keep the seeds until then.

Le Chien: Yes you should try it! It was ever so refreshing!

antogony: With the watermelons you can get in Greece, and the true feta cheese, it'll be lovely!

Ve: No I wouldn't say that. The tastes went well together. the most distinguished taste was the basil I think but it wasn't overpowering. Very nice and new.