tirsdag 9. september 2008

Home again!

I'm back from the land of the Feta Cheese!

And the tomatoes!

I love the big tomatoes,

so big that when I sliced them

it covered all of my sandwich!

My lovely feta cheese and tomatoe sandwich!
I miss it already...

Yoghurt with honey

Greek salad
And Tzaziki... '
It was a lovely week indeed
except for the mosquitos
(38 stings on one face, thats a lot, I tell you!)
(I left my camera at home, but took some pictures anyway
with my mobile phone... )

4 kommentarer:

antigoni sa...

Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed your staying. I hope you visit Greece again soon.

marina sa...

Welcome home!!!
Have you seen that you've earned an award from me while you were on holidays?
Do you want any recipes for greek food? Ask me and I'll tell you as soon as I can!!!
You should take something from a pharmacy for the mosquitoes! It's the first thing I take when we go for vacations.

Webradio sa...

Bonjour !

C'est bien de revenir à la maison...
On reprend ses habitudes...

ayamlin sa...

welcome back!
Oh! I'm jealous of you!!!
I wish I were there!!
it's beautiful scenery also food looks very goooood:)