torsdag 18. september 2008

Memories of a fishing trip

As you know. My laptop is having a breakdown.
so all my photos is unavailable at the moment.
or trapped in its memory stick that is.
the stationary PC has the photos from a couple of years ago
(not to self: remember to back up those photos as well)
And let me tell you about a fishing trip:
It was a hot summer day.
My daughter was on a scouts summer camp, my husband was at work
and my son and I we had all the time we could dream of!
We decided to go fishing down at the dock, where the ferry is.
There was people from several other countries there.
But no other norwegians, they weren't bothered with the kind of fish you could catch there.
These are some of tje fish we caught.
My son was sniffing around to look at what the others had in their fishing bags.
They were much better than us at fishing!
And had better, and sharper fishing gear!
So on the way home we went to the hospital to stitch up a eager little finger.

The dog got those little fishes, fried, and threw them back up.

We agreed it had been a lovely day!

And did it all over again the next day, except the stitching and the dog-feeding incident.

3 kommentarer:

antigoni sa...

You are full of adventure. I hope you catch more fishies next time. Without any injuries.

doggybloggy sa...

that is a small cod isnt it?

Anette sa...

actually I'm not sure... It looks a bit like a pike, do you know that fish? But it isn't cause we caught it in salt water... It probably was a little cod.