onsdag 24. september 2008

Lamb in cabbage

At this time of the year
when we get this years lamb in the store
Most Norwegians enjoy this dish
once or several times.
It's called "Får i kål" which means
"sheep in cabbage"
But usually we use meat from lamb.
It's ever so easy to make:
Lamb, cabbage, salt and whole black pepper corn, and water.
And you have to take your time, because the longer it cooks the better it gets!
Most Norwegians will tell you that it it tastes better the second time you warm it up.
So a lot of us, make enough for two og three days.
A man I knew, he used to make enough for a week,
and then he reheated it again and again
enjoying every serving he had.
If your belly gets upset by the well cooked cabbage
Its a good ide to have a little drink of Aquavit
which with its caraway settles the stomach.

5 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

slow cooked lamb plus aquavit.....sign me up and give me seconds

antigoni sa...

This must be very delicious.

We have jellyfishes in our sea but the photos are from "google".I have never come across with a jelly.

Simen sa...

I've bought the cabbage, but haven't found any lamb yet. Here in Sweden lambsmeat is increasing in popularity, but since the swedes have no tradition in eating such meat, except in restaurants, it's a bit difficult to get hand on it. Steaks, chops and minced lambsmeat you can get here and there, but lamb for caserolls etc is more difficult to find. I guess we ed up buying half a lamb.
Keep on cooking Anette!

Anette sa...

Le Chien: Wish you could come over, Its worth the trip!

Antogony: Check this: http://krakilette.blogspot.com/2008/07/fierce-summer-beauty.html
(please anyone, teach me how to put a link in a comment!)
I took a photo of one of the jelly fishes we find in our seas.

Simen: Keep searching, or go across the border to buy some. Come over for a coffee while you're at it!

Simen sa...

We pass Horten now and then, but we're always on our way either to Kragerø or back to Sweden. That means we're near the destination and want to drive on or that we've almost just started and want to get home. But I hope we'll have the oppurtunity to see you soon, it's been far too long time since we saw you people in Horten last time. By the way: you,ve probably not even seen my wife or my children.