lørdag 20. september 2008

Its been a year!

In fact more than a year!
I just checked and I've passed my one year anniversary
in discreet silence.
But it's not bad I must say!
I still like it,and will continue!

4 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

congratulations.....I have over 500 posts, I am approaching my 'silent' 4 year aniversary in March...I am glad you blog, you show me a world I would otherwise only imagine...maybe one day I will 'meet the arrows'

marina sa...

What is the "discreet silence"?

Dédalus sa...

Happy birthay, Anette!
I have seen your blog and have verified that your make a really nice photographies.
Nice to meet you!

Regards from Spain.

Anette sa...

Le Chien: Thanks! Your blog has made me want to come and visit NY! The arrows' are less exciting than it seems, beeing a blog for photos of(for) my relatives. Krakilette, thats where I am, and thats where to find me.

Marina: It means that it was passed without any celebrating, or mentioning. First i wrote descrete but realized it meant something else. (checked the dictionary)

Dédalus: Thanks, thats nice of you to say! I like to take photographs of things in my everyday life!