mandag 13. oktober 2008

Comfort food

We're definitely having autumn now
We need something to calm our nerves
make us last through the darkness
and comfort our souls.
For an ordinary weekday morning
We have the warm and lovely oatmeal porridge
same as it has been for years and years
but still comforting and good for us.

For a chilly Sunday afternoon,

we have the warm blueberry soup,

with some whipped cream on.

So colorful,

rich of flavour and antioxidants that it makes you want to sing!

6 kommentarer:

Simen sa...

Is it Ekströms blåbærsuppe (blueberrysoup)or one you make from blueberrys yoy've picked?

Anette sa...

Simen: Neither.. Its frozen blueberries from the shop, boiled with sugar and potatoe flour. If I had picked some, I would have used them but alas... no berries has been picked!

doggybloggy sa...

sounds good, load me up!

antigoni sa...

It looks good and yummy!!!!!

VE sa...

That doesn't look like MacDonalds... ;)

ayamlin sa...

Hello anette!
I haven't eat blueberry's soap!
I wanna eat it!!!
it must be goooood:)