søndag 19. oktober 2008

Just around the corner

Such a beautiful Sunday.
We went for a picnic

In our garden

We had to have a fire of course!
And our primus
We put the kettle on
Soon the lovely scent of coffee filled the air
Then a touch of the old cowboy style

Some indian naan bread, and some wiener sausages

We took what we could find in the kitchen.

So this was our out door lunch, while the sun was shining and air was crisp

And finally, dessert from the garden.

What a lucky family we are!

8 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

what a great picnic, what is that thing under the beans?

antigoni sa...

You sure are very lucky! The unexpected picnics are the best!

Simen sa...

That thing under the beans is what we in Scandinavia call a "stormkitchen". It´s a stove which you can bring with you in your rucksack when you´re out in nature. It's very practical. You can read more about them here:

ayamlin sa...

Hello anette1
you have such a beautiful garden.
I live in a small apartment.
So I don't have my garden.
it's really nice sunday.
by the way... Yes, I hope I have a baby as soon as possible!

Anette sa...

Le Chien: Until I saw Simens answer, I would say, Its a naan bread.

antigony: I know! The ones we don't plan to thoroughly is the best!

Simen: Yes, thats also a perspective. The Trangia is as you say, also under the beans!! We love our storm Kitchen! We've had it for 16 years!

Ayamlin: when you live in an aparment, you will have to go searching for the green spots elsewhere, like you do! I've seen it in your blog!
Good luck with the adventure of being a mum when it comes!

VE sa...

Very nice. But that's no fire. YOu need one large enough to have to stand three feet away lest your skin melt off. Well, that seems to be the American tradition...

Anette sa...

Ve: Yeah! We've always heard of the oversized everything from America. All back to the times when your great great grandparents moved "over there" from a little town somewhere in Norway!!

doggybloggy sa...

yup the bread...not the stove...pretty funny though....

it looks like a bread cake...