onsdag 22. oktober 2008


Today all the pupils in my sons class got a practising doll each
She looks kind of scary, and he has named her Esther.
The purpuse is to practise CPR

What a good thing to do, giving these dolls out!

That might save some lives!
So he showed me how to do it.

Press 30 times, and blow 2 times

Remember that!

6 kommentarer:

marina sa...

I wish our goverment care for these kind of things and not just for the lessons!

Anne sa...

Our Peter got one too! But her name is Mini-Anne...


Anette sa...

Marina: yes, I was so surprised, such a good thing!

Anne: his was originally called mini-Anne too, but we thought she needed another since they all had the same name!

Reader Wil sa...

That's very important what the pupils of your son have to learn. Here in Holland there are a lot of commercials dealing with resuscitation, but I wish everybody has to learn it at school.

doggybloggy sa...

I think this is cool on one level and freaky on others.....do you celebrate halloween?

Anette sa...

reader wil: My son is one of the pupils. Yes it's important that it's something you should learn in school! It's as important than many other tings!

Le Chien: I agree, she is quite scary! I've never liked masks and she sure looked like a scary one! Especially when he dressed her up with a jacket and hood, and put her under a blanket in the sofa one night! Halloween, is getting bigger every year here in Norway, but it's quite a new thing here.