lørdag 18. oktober 2008

Leave a note

I came home from work one afternoon.
And the house was oddly quiet
On the table I found these notes:
One from my husband, he was working overtime
One from my daughter, she was at the gym
and one from my son, he had gone to his grandmother.
Suddenly I realized.
I was alone!
For two hours!
(a VERY rare thing)
The first hour I spent preparing dinner,
tidying up,
putting the washing on,
making a fire, lighting the candles
and the second hour
I spent sat on my arse,
looking in to the fire,
listning to the qiuetness,
thinking uninterupted thoughts
and not saying a single word.
It was a moment of utter peace!

5 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

golden moments, all 120 of them....how nice to come home to a warm house with candles and fire burning, you are the BEST!

antigoni sa...

Didn't seem strange? We want some moments of quiet but when we are alone, we miss the kids and some company. Isn't that odd or what?

ayamlin sa...

Hello Anette!
Oh! you're mother?
I didn't know that!
because you look young:)
anyway you look very happy:)
I'm jealous of you:)

Anette sa...

Le Chien: Yes, of course it was lovely for them too, all warm and cosy house, with home made pizza in the oven, and with a happy and content Anette.

Antigoni: Yes, it doesn't take long before we miss the kids and noise!

ayamlin: I have a daughter 15, and a son 12. I love to be a mother! Hope you will be too soon, because being a parent is great!

marina sa...

OW, I DO love these moments too!!!