søndag 26. oktober 2008


My 40th birthday was in August,

but I didn't get ready to celebrate with my friends until last night.

15 girls or women if you want

came to my house to celebrate with me.

To feed them, I made 12 litres of thick home made chicken soup,

with lots of vegetables in, and made rolls and foccacia to dip in it.

Outside the wind was blowing rouhgly, but inside there was warmth

in the candles, the fire, the hearts and the soup.

The table was stretched to its longest and extended, and I had to borrow chairs,

and we sat close, with no room to spare between us.

I had planned this, and picked out the ones that means a lot to me,

but when they came in to my home, one by one,

I was overwhelmed by the fact that I had so many girls I could invite to a birthday!

I've was never really a part of a gang when I grew up,

but had always one or two best friends,

and of course some others I played with.
Now when I sat there with all these girls that mean so much to me

and they told me what I mean to them

I felt so happy, and so rich!

I'm not the typical makeup girl, that gets of on diamonds and things like that.

To get my attention on a "diamond-level"

I love my nerdy things for exampel.

And since they know me,

there was no card worth half a days spa or beautytreatment

(like the one you see in many female 40 th birthdayparties)

but among others these splendid items:

An mp3player for the entertainment of it

and a rack for my camera.

So with a warmed heart and some new toys to attend to

I've been walking around smiling today.

Lucky girl

5 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

sounds like it was a great time...and you scored some good things.....

my word verification today is 'borne' it seems to have some meaning on a birthday post.....

antigoni sa...

I love soups. Any kind. Last Friday, i cooked white beans soup (fasolada) with home made beans from a village to Peloponisos.
I'll post the recipe one day.

monica sa...

okay... I am glad you had a great day, I really am... I'm not at all jealous, I really am not.....

Anette sa...

Le Chien: yes it was! that was weird with the verification! it must have been some meaning in that. or we'll decide that it has!

antigoni: thanks! soups is one of my favorites too! the guests wanted me to give them the recipe, but how can I? the best I can do is to tell what I put in it, the measurements the will have to find out themselves. I usually don't use any recipe, I just put in the things I like, and things that go well together, then I taste it regularly.

monica: you were there in my heart! our turn will come, if we just get our fingers out. hopefully before it's the 50th birthday we're celebrating!

antigoni sa...

I don't use measurements either. I put the ingredients into the soup by the eye (με το μάτι). And every time it tastes differently.