lørdag 25. oktober 2008

This too will pass

I've borrowed these words from Reader Wil's blog:

When things are spectacularly dreadful; when things
are absolutely appalling; when everything is superb and wonderful and
marvellous and happy - say these four words to yourself.

They will give you a sense of perspective
and help you also to make the most of what is good
and be stoical about what is bad.

This too will pass

Claire Rayner

3 kommentarer:

Reader Wil sa...

Great. I like that. It'll help a lot of people .Actually I borrowed the words "This too will pass"... from Dina in Jerusalem. The poem I found with the help of Google. So it's excellent that you will spread the word.

doggybloggy sa...

excellent post for a great day, I hope yours is nice!

monica sa...

yep - the words are so true... and beatiful..
Good night and sleep tight..