onsdag 29. oktober 2008


Suddenly this morning
King Winter was here!!
We hadn't changed to winter tires on the car
our bicycles was covered.
And what about our coats and boots?
Scarves and mittens?

The sounds of the morning was muffled
But the kids were louder than usual on their way to school

And it was strictly forbidden to throw snowballs at each other
in the schoolyard
But what can you do with such a perfect ball!

6 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

it snowed for about a minute this afternoon, but it was snow mixed with rain that just turned into more rain...

Anette sa...

Le Chien: It's about to rain away here as well,, Short happiness! But now we know what season we are going in to! Today my word verification was progiess.. almost like progress!

ayamlin sa...

you had already snow!!!
it looks so cold.
but it looks very beautiful.
In the north place of Japan people say " it's hard to live in Winter. because oil is way too expensive."
They use heaters with oil.
How about in your country?

monica sa...

tic toc - the world is silent and soft covered in white. I love the winter time !! You can ski, you can walk along frosty streets, x-mas is coming up, you can sit inside by the fire looking outside at the glory...

marina sa...

Doesn't your vacations in Greece look very far now? We still have summer weather here! Tell King Winter to visit us as well!!!LOL!

Anette sa...

ayamlin: We heat our house with firewood, oil/parafine and electricity. It's quite expensive, any way we do it, but it's ok to have more than one way. Some parts of our house is cold, and others are warm, so we have to remember to close the doors between the zones.

monica: the snow has almost gone, but its cold! I'm having my fire on and my wool blanket next to me, just in case..

marina: Yes I can't believe it, it's less than 2 months since I enjoyed the Greek sun! That was a good deposit on the "winter account"