mandag 28. april 2008

Cleaning out my closet

or actually my fridge...
It was a shitty job
but it's done
the glass shelves are clean
and all the little boxes too
There was some jars
which contained stuff
that didn't exactly look familiar anymore
all gone!
What is left is a bit boring
We have to treat ourselves
with something new from the shop tomorrow..
And yes, we do enjoy a bit of milk...

søndag 27. april 2008

Soon to be crises

Now when I’m approaching 40

I’m thinking
Will I go through a crisis?
I like to think I have some kind of control
So at the moment
I’m planning
The new 40 year old me

The one who says what she means
With just a little bit less
in whether others might be
disappointed, angry or frustrated.

The 40 year old me
Who listens a bit closer
To the voice inside
Telling her about
how she feels about things.

This is how impulsive I am
Planning my own crisis

If I let this new
40 year old loose
I might get surprised
Cause I’ve discovered
When I act
Others act
So if I change my actions
Their’s will change too

I don’t know what will happen
A 40 years crisis is the best excuse ever
to do the changes I've been wishing for
but never dared
I can always blame the crisis
Already I'm starting to like the 40 year old me


I have a slight problem with expressing anger
Its not that I never get angry
Maybe it doesn’t happen so often
But it does happen.

Most of the times
When I get angry
I still remain quite rational
This can
(for me and sometimes for others)
be very annoying..
But of course it’s also a good thing
Since it let’s me keep a
Reasonably clear head

The other day I got very angry!
I kept my head reasonably clear
Said what I wanted to say,
Or parts of it
I was absolutely boiling inside!
I wanted to roar.
I didn’t of course

but it feels good to tell you

And that’s all I’m going to say about that

(Like my friend Forrest)

Cheese scones

Sunday breakfast
and we wanted som fresh scones
So quickly done
Yes, thats what I was thinking about!
Lets sit down and eat!

lørdag 26. april 2008

Here we go again....

Its a cat! Its a cat!!
(Really?? after 5 mnds she still gets surprised)
(barking excitedly)




If I was a Larch,
this would be my mother:
This would be me:

That is, if I was a Larch tree

fredag 25. april 2008


Thank God it's relaxing Friday!

My good old friend Friday!

I have my blanket and my laptop

a daft program on telly

a bar of chocolate in the fridge

a purring cat by my side.

I just feel like vegetating today

And I think I need it

tirsdag 22. april 2008

Now we're talking

At 18.00 this evening the temperature was 20 C
And it wasn't even in the sun!
So we did a bit of grilling in the garden
Mmmm! Not bad after a days work!

lørdag 19. april 2008

From the little Chef

The Little Chef was busy when mum and dad went for a walk
He made this lovely bread!

Self made is well made, as we say in Norway!

Food and Waterballoon

We're gonna do this every beautiful day from now on:
Eat outside..
What we're having?
(fish, macaroni, bechamel sauce, gratinated)
carrots, tomatoes and potatoes
and a glass of cold beer
And as an after dinner treat:
a bit of water ballon entertainment


onsdag 16. april 2008


My eleven year old son didnt feel well this morning
he had a head ache and felt sick
so he stayed home from school today.
When I came home from work
he felt much better
he had done his homework
and made these lovely waffles!
So after dinner today we had waffles and coffee
in the garden.
Dinkie Doodle enjoyed it too
She was exhausted after having barked at something
mysterious in the the old shed
we suspect its the sweet hedgehog living in our garden....
Bet he didnt appreciate that noisy wakeup call
after the winter!

tirsdag 15. april 2008


Two shadows on a walk
Breathing spring air
one Tuesday evening in April

søndag 13. april 2008

Good feeding

Yesterday I got some peace and quiet time (quality time) in the kitchen.
I love that.
Since I became a grown up
full time working mum and wife
I've not really had any hobbies of my own
But when I think about it
this is my hobby
and it's not a selfish one
so I will always get support from my loved ones
They are always ready for a treat!
So the result yesterday was
prawns, avocado, lettuce, dill and quark
Squash with thick mince meat sauce, gratinated with cheese
baked new potatoes, champignons, tomatoes and lettuce and ruccola

apple crumble and whipped cream
Well fed!

Good thing we had our belts off!

lørdag 12. april 2008

The Norwegian lunch style

Lunch in Norway is traditionally not a hot meal.
The kids in school bring their lunch in a box or wrapped in paper.
Sanwiches with cheese, ham, liverpaste, etc.
We have a brown sweet cheese that is very common.
People from other contries rarely appreciate it I think.
Adults bring their lunch to work like they did when they were young.
Even when we're off, like today
we still make some sanwiches for our lunch.
Even if things slovly change
we're clinging to our dear sanwiches
with butter and brown cheese.

tirsdag 8. april 2008

Getting curious

A couple of months ago, when I was new at blogging
I was sniffing around,
reading blogs here and there
I added some of my favourites to "My favourites" on my computer
so I could visit them again.
I never left any comments yet,
because I was a bit shy
but one day when I opened one of these blogs
I saw my little Norwegian hometown's name and crest
and the blogger was sending me,
the mysterious reader from Norway,
a special message.
Apparently she was a bit worried,
but curious,
and wanted me to step forward and reveal myself.
I was so surprised!
Of course I left her a comment
to reassure her.
So now I do the same:
I'm getting curious about who's visiting me from UK
Hello Thatcham!
This is for you.

Pretty pink

boiled and served cold
peel them, and put them on a slice of bread
lemon and a bit of mayonnaise on top.
And I hear the long list of shrimp dishes
from Forrest Gump
inside my head
I'd like to try a shrimp kebab

mandag 7. april 2008

Fish (tank) soup

Disgraceful truth:
120 l fishtank with 7 everlasting inhabitants
half amount of water
and a lot of aggressive green stuff
grab a spoon why don't you!
Temporary place to live,
with strict and hungry gardian

Moving back to a cleaner environment.. all seven of them.

as long as it lasts.

lørdag 5. april 2008

Laundry on the line

When white curtains are drying on a line
for the first time in months
slowly moving in the gentle wind
the leek is young
and the rhubarb just a baby
Then I feel the smell of everything waking up
and inside me the biggest Joy fills me up
Again my dearest beautiful spring is here!
I'll go outside now,
bury my nose in the dry laundry
and sniff like a mad!
That smell has a direct line to the happy-center of my brain!
*slightly euforicly spoken*
Coming over for a cup of tea in my garden?

onsdag 2. april 2008

A good combination

a good book
is best eaten
with a sanwich
and a cup of tea on the side..

breadcrumbs between the pages
don't tell my mum
the librarian