lørdag 30. august 2008

Its all Greek to me!

I'm such a lucky girl!

I'm packing my shorts and bikini
My books and my suncream
and my beloved sister is doing the same.
No husband, no kids
just the two of us
blue sea, warm sun, good talks, good food, good drinks
Its spa for our souls

Lovely Greek island, here we come!

fredag 29. august 2008

Enemies at the table

Cat and dog
Still like cat and dog.
If they only could sit at the table
at the same time!


Mystery in a little cave
What are those hanging little things?

søndag 24. august 2008

A lovely Sunday walk

The water was 20 C, so we had a swim

lørdag 23. august 2008

Miss Carrot 2008

Food for the trip

When we're off for a day trip
we need to bring something for our lunch!

Home baked is best!

torsdag 21. august 2008

More cabbage and some lentils

Like I said:
the sweetness of it!
Add some quark
mix it
Red lentils
Boil with salt, pepper, leek and sellery
Lemon pepper and chili on top, bake in oven
add the tomatoes the last minutes

Thats my dinner

That was some good grub!

tirsdag 19. august 2008

Scrambled eggs

Scrambling eggs
this is how I do it.

Whisk it together
let it boil while stirringPlain and lovely
and some nice bread
The only way it can get easier
if I just boiled them


I love plain cabbage.
At this time of year it's ever so crispy and sweet when you eat it ram.
But its lovely when you boil it too!
My dinner:
fihcake, potato, carrot and cabbage.
an basil, my friend, I'll have it with almost anything!

Santas little helper is longing for Christmas

lørdag 16. august 2008

Getting ready

The young people in our house is getting ready.
School starts om monday
I've always loved the smell of new pencils and books.
It's like a fresh start! M0re than new year in a way.
Hopefully it'll be a good year!

fredag 15. august 2008

Chicken soup

I wanted to come over and taste that wonderful looking chili
But it would probably be eaten by the time I arrived
so I had to make my own nosedripping soup
with all the goodness my heart desired at that moment
I was red down my chin and t-shirt by the time I was ready

She's baking

sweet dough, all flat
cinnamon, sugar, raisins and butter inside
roll'em up
and voilá

mandag 11. august 2008

søndag 10. august 2008


Drawing from big sister to little brother
and a scratch behind the ear

Black berries

Now its the time for the black and sweet berries
a handful of sweetness
add nothing, just put it in your mouth!