fredag 31. oktober 2008

Prawn supper

First the dirty job
someone's got to do it
Then the constructing jobAnd then
Simplicity is sometimes the best!

Walk by the channel

This plaque tells the story of the Horten channel
It was dug out from 1854 until 1867
(how strange it is to think of the fact that our house was already built then!)
The channel was dug with spades and horse carts

onsdag 29. oktober 2008


Suddenly this morning
King Winter was here!!
We hadn't changed to winter tires on the car
our bicycles was covered.
And what about our coats and boots?
Scarves and mittens?

The sounds of the morning was muffled
But the kids were louder than usual on their way to school

And it was strictly forbidden to throw snowballs at each other
in the schoolyard
But what can you do with such a perfect ball!

søndag 26. oktober 2008


My 40th birthday was in August,

but I didn't get ready to celebrate with my friends until last night.

15 girls or women if you want

came to my house to celebrate with me.

To feed them, I made 12 litres of thick home made chicken soup,

with lots of vegetables in, and made rolls and foccacia to dip in it.

Outside the wind was blowing rouhgly, but inside there was warmth

in the candles, the fire, the hearts and the soup.

The table was stretched to its longest and extended, and I had to borrow chairs,

and we sat close, with no room to spare between us.

I had planned this, and picked out the ones that means a lot to me,

but when they came in to my home, one by one,

I was overwhelmed by the fact that I had so many girls I could invite to a birthday!

I've was never really a part of a gang when I grew up,

but had always one or two best friends,

and of course some others I played with.
Now when I sat there with all these girls that mean so much to me

and they told me what I mean to them

I felt so happy, and so rich!

I'm not the typical makeup girl, that gets of on diamonds and things like that.

To get my attention on a "diamond-level"

I love my nerdy things for exampel.

And since they know me,

there was no card worth half a days spa or beautytreatment

(like the one you see in many female 40 th birthdayparties)

but among others these splendid items:

An mp3player for the entertainment of it

and a rack for my camera.

So with a warmed heart and some new toys to attend to

I've been walking around smiling today.

Lucky girl

lørdag 25. oktober 2008

Caresse sur l'ocean

This is a lovely piece from a very good film
The film is called Les Choristes
Check it out!

This too will pass

I've borrowed these words from Reader Wil's blog:

When things are spectacularly dreadful; when things
are absolutely appalling; when everything is superb and wonderful and
marvellous and happy - say these four words to yourself.

They will give you a sense of perspective
and help you also to make the most of what is good
and be stoical about what is bad.

This too will pass

Claire Rayner

onsdag 22. oktober 2008


Today all the pupils in my sons class got a practising doll each
She looks kind of scary, and he has named her Esther.
The purpuse is to practise CPR

What a good thing to do, giving these dolls out!

That might save some lives!
So he showed me how to do it.

Press 30 times, and blow 2 times

Remember that!

søndag 19. oktober 2008

Just around the corner

Such a beautiful Sunday.
We went for a picnic

In our garden

We had to have a fire of course!
And our primus
We put the kettle on
Soon the lovely scent of coffee filled the air
Then a touch of the old cowboy style

Some indian naan bread, and some wiener sausages

We took what we could find in the kitchen.

So this was our out door lunch, while the sun was shining and air was crisp

And finally, dessert from the garden.

What a lucky family we are!

lørdag 18. oktober 2008

Leave a note

I came home from work one afternoon.
And the house was oddly quiet
On the table I found these notes:
One from my husband, he was working overtime
One from my daughter, she was at the gym
and one from my son, he had gone to his grandmother.
Suddenly I realized.
I was alone!
For two hours!
(a VERY rare thing)
The first hour I spent preparing dinner,
tidying up,
putting the washing on,
making a fire, lighting the candles
and the second hour
I spent sat on my arse,
looking in to the fire,
listning to the qiuetness,
thinking uninterupted thoughts
and not saying a single word.
It was a moment of utter peace!

onsdag 15. oktober 2008

Simultaneous capacity

Being the mum I am, there is many tasks to attend to.
For example, the other day, I was baking rolls

Drizzling them with flour as I usually do
with one of my favourite gadgets in the kitcken

Suddenly my daughter came in:
- Mum can you drive me to the gym?
I asked her why she couldn't use her bicycle,
and she sait it had a flat tire..

- I'll fix it, I said optimistically!!
How long time do I have?
15 minutes! she said dramatically, doubting the plan

I fetched my tools, and got to work
between the flour and dough
got one plate of rolls out of the oven,
and another one in

Removed the wheel, (it was the rear one, so I must say it was a bit tricky)
Found the hole in the tire
and fixed it.

And my daughter tok her bicycle and went off happily.
I cleaned the kitchen up and felt like an alround mum, with super powers
glad to be able to fix my daughters bike
and to let the car rest.

mandag 13. oktober 2008

Comfort food

We're definitely having autumn now
We need something to calm our nerves
make us last through the darkness
and comfort our souls.
For an ordinary weekday morning
We have the warm and lovely oatmeal porridge
same as it has been for years and years
but still comforting and good for us.

For a chilly Sunday afternoon,

we have the warm blueberry soup,

with some whipped cream on.

So colorful,

rich of flavour and antioxidants that it makes you want to sing!

torsdag 9. oktober 2008

Ghost bench

Couldn't you just imagine
someone from the past
sitting here


Tiny but fiery
plain but perfect

søndag 5. oktober 2008

Water magic

If you just look around you can see such beauty
quiet water makes a mirror
and a beautiful symmetry

The autumn colors
Overflowing water running fast and smooth
Falling with a roar

fredag 3. oktober 2008


It's raining autumn rain
suddenly a flash of lightning
where did that come from?
one thousand and one
one thousand and two
one thous...
Big thunder!!

I'm a bit scared
but not too much
will the lightning strike?
how far away is it?

I want to look at it
stand by the window,
scared but in awe
for the spectacularity

onsdag 1. oktober 2008

Apple cake

I had some apples

and I got inspired

by Le Chien and his colorful feast


Eggs and sugar
lemon curd
Flour and baking powder

Cinnamon-help from the little Chef

Skipped the cheddar and chose vanilla ice cream instead
You've got to love a bit of cake!