onsdag 25. mars 2009

Experimental muffins

The other day I bought some chickpea flour
because I had seen it in the bhaji recipe.
I've not tried to make them yet,
but I kept wondering
What else can I use this flour for?
Is it ok for baking?
I googled it of course, and found pancakes and indian flat bread etc
and then I decided to try something experimental
what about chick pea muffins?
Next to chickpea flour, I used a bit of wheat flour, eggs, some sugar, pinch of salt,
some milk, some oil, grated carrot, bicarbonate and a bit of bakingpowder.
They looked so good, and they rose so well
and they tasted..
kind of good, and kind of different.
what can I say

Kind of pea tasting muffins if you know what I mean
I couldn't decide if I liked them or not.
You know the smell of soaked dried legumes
before they are boiled. A bit like that!
I found that I liked them best with butter and cheese.
My kids didn't like them
My husband said he didn't like them
but ate the rest anyway (so it couldn't have been to bad)

I might not make them again...
I'll try something else next time. Any ideas?

3 kommentarer:

monica sa...

I am convinced I would have liked them. I like everything! except oysters and snails...

Marjie sa...

I made applesauce muffins this week. I love muffins.

buffalodick sa...

Not everything I envision works! Even when it works, sometimes I still don't like it! It's OK, that's how we learn stuff...