fredag 27. mars 2009

Spring or not to spring

I've been praising spring lately
and helping it the best I can!

In the middle of our garden there was a big pile of snow
In the middle of it I found our garden table.
I had to dig it out!
We love eating outside:

Little Chef having his first meal outside this year
A fire in the snow can also make it shrink

The sun, oh our lovely sun!
No ice or snow can stay safe!
And the first slight sunburn ar making my cheeks glow
Since my last attempt on muffins went a bit
nice on the outside but not so much on the inside
I made a new batch.
They were just perfekt, with a strawberry inside

And then today.. despite all my digging, and glowing cheeks
we're back in the winter
30 cm snow came down today
Good grief!

I was moping around frustrated about the weather
and I suddenly remember
that when I was 14,
all my friends liked Limahl and Depeche Mode
And I, the differente one

And that had refreshingly little to do with snow

2 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

and for me when everyone liked the beatles I liked the rolling stones and that has nothing to do with snow....and those muffins - well I would endure a little snow for one of those...

Marjie sa...

As we say here in the Northeastern US, just wait a while and the weather will change. The snow fire was probably lots of fun, and soon we will all enjoy spring again!