søndag 29. mars 2009

Merry meatballs

Its time for meatballs again:
Beef and pork mince
garlic, spring onion,
salt, pepper, thyme and chili

Gravy with stock, red wine, cream, brown cheese and spices
thickened with flour
Served with peas and potatoes

7 kommentarer:

Marjie sa...

I love meatballs with gravy. Most of my family prefers them with red sauce atop spaghetti or in big rolls, for "meatball grinders"!

doggybloggy sa...

this is my favorite way to eat meatballs - and you know it!

Anette sa...

Marjie: These was just the size i like. My family loves the gravy, my daughter could eat potatoes and gravy as a meal itself for days!

Le Chien: I know! Forgot to mention the secret ingredient in the gravy, you know what I mean. It makes it a winner!

monica sa...

Å ja - norsk nasjonalrett nesten. jatakk! gjerne med ertestuing :o)

Darius T. Williams sa...

Those meatballs look fantastic...and I love the potatoes and peas with them!

TavoLini sa...

ah, that looks delicious! I like that you've changed your photo--springtime is definitely on its way.

ayamlin sa...

Hi Anette!
It looks really gooood!
I wanna eat some.
I've thought you're a good cook.
I wish it took an hour from my country to your country!