mandag 9. mars 2009

Not hungry?

Our neighbour is kind to the birds
She puts yummy seeds of all kinds out for them to eat.
Our cat loves to watch them eat,
and probably fantasize about eating them
(but she will never get to them
cause she can't shut up when she sees a befethered creature)
I thought I'd be kind to birds too
and offer a bit of entertainment to the cat.
I tied a string around some buns and put them up in a tree
outside her window.
But do you think those spoilt birds touched the buns??
Not even the seagulls who eats scraps and rubbish!!
What? Why??
The sad buns after snowfall.
Another bun story:
Instead of the cheese we usually use
I put feta cheese on mine and stuck it in the oven a bit.
Oh yummy delight!
Nobody in my family like tuna
so I rarely use it
But today I made myself a salad for lunch
Tuna, spring onions, celery, lettuce and egg
Plain and lovely
I'll make it again some day

6 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

Nice buns! hehehehehe.......and you eggs look great too....

monica sa...

hm, well, ingratitude is the way of the world ....
I love feta too - I put it on my pizza, and then have it all to myself.. :o)

TavoLini sa...

I wonder why they didn't eat them? American seagulls aren't nearly so discerning!!

Beth sa...

YUM!!!! and what's with your picky birds??? ;) Mine get picky too...I put cereal out one day...didn't touch it. hrumph...

antigoni sa...

I must stop looking at your blog during the fast. You are a temptation. Your foods look so tasty and yummy, yum,yum!

buffalodick sa...

Once in a while- fix what YOU like! Salad looked tasty!