tirsdag 3. mars 2009


Today it's Square Root Day.
This occurres only 9 times in 100 years.
It's the date 03.03.09, and 3 is the square root of 9.
Next time is 04.04.16.
If that wasn't geeky and unuseful information, then what is?
But i liked it!

Today is also my husbands 40th birthday!
He has absolute no interest in square roots,
in fact he as far away from "square" than I can think of!
And I love him for that.
edit: By request from the birthday boy:
here he is!

5 kommentarer:

monica sa...

Happy Birthday Neil!! Hoorray!!

Squary or not! :o)

doggybloggy sa...

happy birthday pices.....

buffalodick sa...

Birthday salutations to your husband! What has square roots done for the world lately?

Marjie sa...

My 7th grader was learning about square roots yesterday, so it's appropriate that today is square root day.

Happy birthday to your husband. You snagged a handsome guy there!

Simen sa...

Congratulations from Sweden to Neil!
I didn't know he was that young.