mandag 23. mars 2009

Orange, the color and the fruit

Grating carrot
Its moist and sweet and delicious
A juicy orange just sweet enoughMix in a bowl without adding anything, just a couple of raisins.

Mmmm! Lovely fresh colorful salad!
Eat it by itself or next to your dinner

3 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

you know the less ingredients there are the easier it is to mess it up - this looks perfect.

monica sa...

so funny, we had that yesterday too, with apples as well. and some limejuice ( had no lemon). served it with mashed potatoes and pork sausage. we like...

Jocelyn sa...

Stop! I'm too hungry, and it's too late for me to be about making even the easiest of little salads.

But tomorrow? I'm all over it.