søndag 22. mars 2009

Yummy good food

When we were in England last week,
we had a good feast at my husbands sisters house.
Her husband Glyn is making this grub like a king!
He prepared lots of good stuff for us,
chicken, beef, duck, pork

vegetables, noodles, rice you name it!

This is his famous "sticky chicken"
I didnt get my hand on the recipe
bot the chicken was gone in a moment
Ah the taste of it!
My plate of goodness:
For starters (I'll mention it last just to be peculiar)
We had something called Bhaji, I munched mine and then the second one
before I thought of taking a photo so I pinched this one from the web
for you to see:
I'll try to make that one day!

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doggybloggy sa...

wow that does look good - and what are those Bhaji all about?