søndag 3. mai 2009


I like Avocado very much.
The trick is to find the good ones!
Lately I've had difficulties finding good ones!
They are usually sold separately or in pairs.
When sold in pairs they are garanteed to be "ready to eat"
To be sure I've bought the "ready to eat" packets
and several time I have become disappointed.
"ready to chuck" is more correctly described.
So now, I'm back on the single ones
and I have to trust myself picking the right one.
Underneath we have a good one!

With it I can make guacamole

But in a way I like it best the chunky way!

With nachos

Or in a plain chunky salad together with tomato this time

Very suitable next to chili con carne

4 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

you are turning into 'La Krakilette' I like avocado plain with a squeeze of lime and a little salt and pepper either chunky with a fork or spread on toast or warm tortillas.

gemma sa...

Love avocados too...someone said the way to tell if they are perfect is to pluck the little end off - at the small end that little button thing?? - If it is green under there the avocado is perfect!!!

monica sa...

avocado, yummy, with shrimps and lemon. mmmmm, or with mackerel and tomatoe sauce, mmmm --- getting all hungry, lunch coming up soon??

TavoLini sa...

mmm! I love avocado--all your preparations look pretty enticing.