tirsdag 26. mai 2009

Greek grub

So we went traveling to Greece,
it was warm and nice and we went out to eat every night!
before deciding what to order, we got our drinks.
Cola for the kids, and beer for the adults.
And sometimes we got a ouzo on the rocks on the house
I love ouzo!
Some of my favourites:
souvlaki, this one with chicken
Keftedes, greek meatballs
Kleftiko, lamb baked with vegetables and feta cheese

Stifado, meat and onion caserole.
Ice cream
I had tzaziki everyday,
I was probably so greedy that I never took a photo of it!
Between all the good grub
my lovely two dolfins enjoyed the water
morning and night!

7 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

pouring that pepsi is such a classic looking shot....food looks great and you would have had to fight me for the tzaziki

monica sa...

always pommes frites on the side! :o) Great you had a good vacation, great you're back !

Marina sa...

Ι'm sure you had a lovely vacation! Tzatziki is great, don't you think? But the smell of garlic afterwards is something else...Did you take the recipe to make it? If not I'm ready to give it to you and any other you've tasted or not. Tzatziki is our favorite salad. It suits with every food but especially with roasted meat.

Marjie sa...

The ice cream looks like animals! How interesting that is! Glad you had such a lovely trip.

Beth sa...

OMG!!! all that food!!! YUMMY!!!! and I'll eat anything with feta! but keep the ouzo! man, I had a couple shots of that YEARS ago, and I will never forget it....:/

gemma sa...

Opah -- love the food and the fries - the ouzo really hurt me years ago and yet---I loved cheering Opah!! and we even threw a plate or two......thanks to the ouzo

TavoLini sa...

That looks like a great time!! I think I would have to jump in the water, too ;)