søndag 10. mai 2009

Sunday split

Somtimes when you're a family
its nice to split in to pairs and do different things.
Today, the boys went to the cabin.
(according to husbands facebook the reason was
" to get away from the premenstrual members of the houshold")
Anyway, when they went off, the girls did a little dance of happiness!
Pink Princess made me a nice omelette.
we made sweet buns
Lovely with brown cheese
Shandie Pipkin enjoyed the absence of noisy dog Dinkie !
Little Chef phoned on Skype from the cabin to see what we were doing
He was missing us!

8 kommentarer:

buffalodick sa...

Happy Mom's Day! Keep up the good work!

Marina sa...

Happy Mother's Day Annette! I'm sure something special -for the day- was in your kitchen today too!

doggybloggy sa...

happy mothers day in the usa to you!

Anette sa...

Buffalodick, Marina and Le Chien: Thanks! I don't think it's mothers day here, must be another date over here. But I've had a good day! My daughter an I have treated ourselves!

Jocelyn sa...

Ah, I love that he missed you.

I'm missing those buns right about now.

antigoni sa...

In Greece we say: "Μαζί δεν κάνουμε και χώρια δεν μπορούμε." It means we can't live together but we can't live apart, too. The boys wanted a day off but they missed you when they were away. The girls made great things for you. Lucky mom!!!!

monica sa...

Shandie Pipkin is beautiful! wonderful colours! In Denmark it was mothers day last Sunday too, but in Norway I believe it is the second Sunday in February... or so my mother tells me...:o)

Beth sa...

Happy Mother's Day to you! and I love that he had to call you even tho they just HAD to get away from you! ;)