onsdag 13. mai 2009

Eating square


Square can be good.
A shy block of frozen cod.
You just have to give it a chance to bloom!

let simmer in bechamel sauce with the spring onion

mix with fusilli take it away from the heat
and add an eggall of it in to the oven to be gratinated
serve outside in the afternoon sun with potatoes and vegetables
So the square thing..
it can be ok now and then

For dessert: square home made blueberry pie
and ready to eat custard from a square carton

4 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

square can be very good....

Marjie sa...

Blueberry pie is one of my favorites!

monica sa...

sometimes square is utterly essential...
pasta AND potatoes!! my dear husband would faint...

TavoLini sa...

Gratin in the sunshine!

Looks good and I think I like the dessert, too. Square is indeed the way to be :)