søndag 31. mai 2009

The difference

Cooking at the cabin:
These are my friends as always.
I use one each time,
so easy, just peel the whole thing and cut it in pieces

I'm making moussaka
and thinking about what I do differently than
when I make lasagna...
The two main differences which has to be
Is aubergine and cinnamon
The other stuff, I vary as I go along
what I fancy and what I have.
The similarities are many:
chrushed tomatoes, onions,
garlic, bechamel sauce, cheese on top and so on.

We can all agree it's soo good!
And the cinnamon,
it has come to stay
not only on the cinnamon buns and the rice budding
but in my dinner
and on top of my cappucino.

1 kommentar:

doggybloggy sa...

cinnamon is never used enough in my kitchen - I will start to get it into more things in your honor