søndag 4. januar 2009

Warming stuff

Since we are in to ice skating this weekend
we need something to warm our hands and souls on
We bring a flask of cocoa
I use cocoa powder, sugar, milk and water

After three hours of non stop skating
we're tired, hungry and a bit cold
we want food, warming and fast!

Chicken stock in a cube, that's handy

using the blender

Adding sausages in little pieces

Easy and warming after an active day!

5 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

perfect meal,perfect cocoa, all around perfect day!

TavoLini sa...

nice! I love the picture with the milk pouring into the pan :D

Looks like an excellent type of day!

buffalodick sa...

Nothing feels/tastes better than something warm, after being in the cold!

Marjie sa...

Great cocoa! Your chicken stock cubes are larger than ours! I love warm foods, too, on cold days.

Peter M sa...

Anette, the soup is so easy, comforting and the sausage makes it a meal!